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90-year-old Woman rejected $41.7 Million Jackpot from ‘Malfunctioning’ Slot

90-year-old Woman rejected $41.7 Million Jackpot from ‘Malfunctioning’ Slot

90-year-old grandmother Pauline Mckee will have to help make do with $1.85, instead of the $41.7 million jackpot she believed she had won on a slot machine game in Illinois.

The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that a casino that is local not need to pay a $41.7 million jackpot to one of its customers following a slot machine malfunction.

Alternatively, 90-year-old grandmother Pauline Mckee, of Antioch, will have to be content with the $1.85 payout that the equipment would have awarded had it been functioning correctly.

McKee was playing the Miss Kitty cent video slot at the Isle Casino Hotel in Waterloo, where she was a guest during a 2011 family reunion, when she believed she’d hit the big one.

While the reels came to rest, the language ‘$41,797,550 bonus award’ flashed up on the screen.

But the casino refused to pay up, pointing down that the equipment had a payout that is maximum of $10,000.

Instead, she had been paid the $1.85 she had actually won through the spin, plus the $18.10 in credit remaining in the machine, while the device itself was sent away for separate technical analysis.

Tests revealed that the machine’s computer had erroneously determined a bonus was had by it award.

Malfunction Voids All Pays

McKee sued for breach of contract and consumer fraud, a filing that was dismissed in 2013 by a region court judge. This week the Supreme Court upheld that ruling, noting that a sign on the (suite…)

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Sportsbooks Celebrate Permanent Results from Busy Betting Saturday

Sportsbooks Celebrate Permanent Results from Busy Betting Saturday

Mayweather-Pacquiao was the biggest draw on a busy day in sports betting.

Activities bettors rarely have days similar to this past Saturday.

Not only was the long-awaited fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao held, getting an unprecedented number of wagers for a boxing match, but that fight came by the end of a very busy day in the sports world.

That made it a to remember for fans, bettors, and perhaps most of all, sportsbooks day.

All long, there were events to be bet on day. There clearly was playoff hockey early on, as the Capitals to even up their show at one game each.

Later later in the day, there was the thrilling game seven encounter involving the San Antonio Spurs additionally the la Clippers; a big performance by Chris Paul delivered the Clippers to the round that is second.

And there was clearly lots of baseball all day long, including a clash between the Yankees and the Red Sox, a matchup that always generates a good amount of attention.

Kentucky Derby Won by American Pharoah

But there were two big events that really drove the betting action on Saturday. First, there clearly was the Kentucky Derby, the very first of the annual Triple Crown horse races.

The battle was won by favorite American Pharoah, who finished a length ahead of Firing Line while second choice Dortmund came in third.

Since the three horses that finished within the cash were the three top favorites, that meant a l (suite…)

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